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1. Objet

The purpose of this agreement is to determine the conditions of sale and conditions of use by the customer of the NOPAPERPOST services ("Services"): Electronic Registered mail, Online Contract Signature, Electronic Document Deposit.

The website available at the address nopaperpost.com ("Site") is the property of the NOPAPERPOST company.

The use of the Site and Services by users is subject to the validation of the terms of use of the Services in force at the time of their registration on the Site ("Terms of Use").

The Terms of Use constitute a contract between NOPAPERPOST and the users, who undertake to respect them.

2. Obligations and guarantees

The user can access the Services on the nopaperpost.com website or other inflections or from NOPAPERPOST partner websites. It provides the customer with one or more user accounts, each one accessible by means of an identifier (e-mail address) and a password.

Users, senders and recipients, must have an adequate technical installation with the following minimum requirements:

A terminal connected to the Internet so as to guarantee satisfactory use of a web browser (client software) compatible with the following standards: HTTP/1.1, HTML 4.01, CSS levels 1 and 2, JavaScript 1.3, DOM levels 1 and 2, TLS 1.2 (with a valid X509 certificate).

An e-mail address (SMTP) on the Internet, with access to messages received at this address and ability to read the message contents encoded in the MIME 1.0 format.

The client agrees that persistent and session cookies specific to NOPAPERPOST may be stored on its terminal.

The customer is prohibited from reproducing, selling, licensing, distributing, assigning or transferring all or part of the NOPAPERPOST software and elements of the NOPAPERPOST website to which he/she may have access.

The customer undertakes to use the NOPAPERPOST service exclusively for his/her own purposes or those of his/her company. However, he/she expressly undertakes not to transfer or to share his/her user account and/or to disclose his/her password to third parties. If not, he/she will be solely responsible for the consequences that may result.

The customer guarantees that the messages and files sent do not infringe the intellectual property rights or copyright of third parties, do not contain any malicious content or software, are not defamatory, do not contain revisionist, racist or xenophobic content, do not contain pornographic content or content that violates human dignity, do not contain content that is contrary to public order or to national security.

The agreement concluded between NOPAPERPOST and the user may be terminated on the grounds of fraud or error if the user, when entering his registration details, gives information, whether optional or compulsory, that is wrong or erroneous. In this case, NOPAPERPOST shall have the right to interrupt its service under the conditions and by the ways and means set out in Article 4 of these Terms of Use.

NOPAPERPOST reserves the right to make any changes to the Services that it deems useful or necessary. NOPAPERPOST reserves the right to interrupt its service for short periods of time in order to maintain or update the server.

NOPAPERPOST undertakes to make its best efforts to guarantee the proper functioning of the service.

NOPAPERPOST undertakes exclusively to guarantee the date and time of posting of mails and filess on the server and their integrity during the time of their storage.

The user declares that he/she accepts the limits of the Internet and the hazards of its technical performance.

NOPAPERPOST is in no way responsible for the properties and performance of the e-mail server or e-mail client of the e-mail account to which the mail is sent, nor for the properties and performance of the recipient's connection to the Internet.

In the event of a dispute between the sender and the addressee concerning the receipt of a mail by the addressee, NOPAPERPOST will be able to provide proof of this, provided that the addressee has logged in to the Web address (URL) specified by the hypertext link included in the notice of availability issued to him/her.

NOPAPERPOST guarantees that it has the intellectual and industrial property rights necessary for the use of the NOPAPERPOST software by the customer.

NOPAPERPOST undertakes not to access the content of the messages exchanged through its Services, unless requested by the legal authorities.

NOPAPERPOST does not modify the information transmitted and undertakes to implement the technical means necessary for the preservation of this information and to enable its restitution, both in plain language (display of the mail attestations) and in the form of computer data (data recovery).

The users are informed that:

As Senders, the users guarantee:

Subject to the reservation and benefit of the stipulations of the preceding article, in the event that NOPAPERPOST's liability is established, in particular by legal proceedings, and in consideration of the free or low cost of the services provided, the compensation to which the user may be entitled, in the event of the provision of an incorrect certificate in its essential terms or the disappearance or alteration of a document entrusted, is contractually limited to the lump sum of hundred euros (100 EUR) per claim.

However, compensation will be excluded if the user has not previously called on NOPAPERPOST Legal Aid.

For any transaction involving any of NOPAPERPOST Services, the user is solely responsible for verifying the legal status of NOPAPERPOST Services in each of the countries concerned by this transaction.

Use of the NOPAPERPOST service for advertising is strictly prohibited. The user who uses the NOPAPERPOST service for this purpose shall automatically be obliged to pay in favour of NOPAPERPOST a contractual penalty compensation of ten thousand euros for each infringement recorded.

The customer expressly forbids to seek the liability of Internet service providers and business partners prescribing the NOPAPERPOST solution against any malfunctioning of this service.

3. PREMIUM Service: Price - Invoicing - Payment - Renewal

The tariff conditions set out in this article apply to users of the PREMIUM service.

  • Basic
    to prove
  • Electronic registered mail
  • Online contract signature
  • Electronic document deposit
  • Transfer large files
  • Your private mailbox
  • Online certificate
  • Certificate availability
    2 months
  • Certificate download
  • Send up to
    40 MB / message
  • Store up to
    4 GB / account
  • 5 operations per month
  • Legal assistance
  • Ad free
  • Subscribe
  • Premium
    to keep
    Without commitment
    7€ incl. VAT / month [1]
    15 operations per month | 40 MB per message | 4 GB storage per account

    Without commitment
    23€ incl. VAT / month [1]
    50 operations per month | 400 MB per message | 40 GB storage per account

  • Electronic registered mail
  • Online contract signature
  • Electronic document deposit
  • Transfer large files
  • Your private mailbox
  • Online certificate
  • Certificate availability
  • Certificate download
  • Legal assistance
  • Ad free
  • Subscribe

[1] All certificates related to or prior to the commitment period are available and downloadable

NOPAPERPOST offers to every new user in BASIC mode, 2 months of free use in Premium mode.

The transactions in PREMIUM mode carried out by the user during the free period will remain acquired even if he/she does not subscribe later and prefers to use NOPAPERPOST in BASIC mode.

The PREMIUM subscription is payable in advance, each month, by monthly debit from the subscriber's bank account or payment card.

Payment of monthly instalmennts will be made on the first day of each new monthly period.

The Subscriber acknowledges and accepts that, by communicating the information related to his bank account or his payment card, he/she authorizes NOPAPERPOST to debit them.

Special features of the "12-month subscription"

When subscribed, the "12-month subscription" is stipulated renewable by tacit renewal for successive periods of 12 months at the same monthly debit conditions, unless the user decides not to renew it by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" button and confirming this action in his profile page, at the latest one month before the anniversary date of the contract.

Special features of the "subscription without term commitment"

When subscribed, the "subscription without term commitment" terminates, without notice, at any time, when the user wishes so, by clicking on the button "Unsubscribe" and confirming this action in his/her profile page.

In case of non renewal, the user will not be refunded, pro rata temporis, for the current month.

The Subscriber is required to keep up-to-date his/her bank or card details and to immediately change them in his/her profile page if necessary, especially if the validity of those details expires.

NOPAPERPOST may modify the pricing conditions of its Services. The modification, which is binding on the user, will be the subject of an information on the Site within a reasonable time before its implementation.

The services provided will be invoiced by NOPAPERPOST or (outside France) the prescribing partners of its solution.

In the absence of settlement, NOPAPERPOST will have the right to interrupt its service, in particular by prohibiting the user from accessing his/her NOPAPERPOST account, and this regardless of the legal or judicial consequences that could result from the termination or interruption of the service, NOPAPERPOST's responsibility cannot be engaged in such circumstances.

In the event of an intensive use of the Services, the user, in Basic or Premium mode, agrees to be considered as a major account customer.

NOPAPERPOST will then propose to him/her:

The volume above which the use is considered intensive is set at 200 transactions per quarter.

4. Duration - Termination

Users guarantee the accuracy of the information they provide regarding their identity and contact details. They agree to prove the accuracy of their identity and contact details by providing proof of these to NOPAPERPOST upon simple request by electronic registered mail. If no reply to this request is received within the thirty-day period allowed to do so and/or in case of voluntary inaccuracy(ies) conveyed by the user on his/her identity or contact details, NOPAPERPOST will be entitled to terminate the contract without notice (in Basic-free or Premium-paying mode).

As a result of this termination, NOPAPERPOST will be entitled to permanently block the user's access to his/her account and to delete its data.

In the absence of payment by the user of his/her PREMIUM subscription, NOPAPERPOST will have the right to interrupt or suspend its service, in particular by prohibiting the user from accessing his/her NOPAPERPOST account, and this regardless of the legal or judicial consequences that could result from the termination or interruption of the service, NOPAPERPOST's responsibility cannot be engaged in such circumstances.

5. Intellectual property rights

The Services, the Site and its content are the exclusive property of NOPAPERPOST or their respective owners. It is forbidden to change, copy and reproduce the NOPAPERPOST Contents without its prior written permission. The NOPAPERPOST trademark and logo are the exclusive property of NOPAPERPOST.

6. No right of withdrawal

The users/consumers acknowledge that the Services are performed in full concurrently with the sending of the electronic registered mail, contract signature or document, the immediate execution of which is requested by the sender at the time of sending. Consequently, the user/consumer expressly waives any right of withdrawal.

7. Limitations of the Internet

The User declares and acknowledges that:

8. Privacy provisions

NOPAPERPOST protects the personal data that you communicate to NOPAPERPOST when using its Services:

NOPAPERPOST complies with French and European laws relating to the protection of privacy, and has declared to the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés) its policy on the processing of personal data.

NOPAPERPOST uses the TLS security protocol to protect access to your account and guarantee the integrity of your mails.

NOPAPERPOST does not collect any personal data without your knowledge, especially during your browsing on the Site.

NOPAPERPOST uses your personal information only with your consent and informs you of the use made of the data collected as part of its service.

NOPAPERPOST does not transfer your personal data to third parties.

You can access, modify and correct online the personal information provided by creating your account, once the registration process is complete.

9. Modification of the Terms of Use

NOPAPERPOST may modify the Terms of Use at any time. The user will be informed of the nature of these changes as soon as they are posted on the Site.

10. Computer Registers

The computerized registers kept in NOPAPERPOST's information system under security conditions which are generally recognised as reliable, shall be considered as evidence of communications, agreements and payments between the parties, unless proven otherwise.

The probative value of these Logs cannot be called into question simply because of their electronic nature.

11. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

The Terms of Use are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute over the meaning of a term or provision of the Terms of Use, the user may contact NOPAPERPOST by electronic registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt at the addresses given in the Legal Notice.

In the event of dispute, NOPAPERPOST and the Member shall endeavour to find an amicable solution. Any dispute that cannot be settled in this way will be submitted to the courts of the jurisdiction of NOPAPERPOST's registered office.

The text in French of these Terms of Use shall prevail over its translations.

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