Electronic registered mail

Prove the sending and receipt of your electronic registered mails.

Understanding the electronic registered mail


NOPAPERPOST provides you with a certificate of your electronic registered mail which proves:

The electronic registered mail is enforceable in France against the professional addressee even if he/she has not acknowledged receipt (article 1-8 of the decree CE n. 2011-144 of 2 February 2011).

Certificate of electronic registered mail

See sample certificate in PDF format - Download sample certificate in PDF format



Same legal value as a postal registered letter. European Union standard eIDAS 910/2014 article 43-1.


Send electronic registered mail, sign online contracts, deposit documents, transfer large files and get a free certificate.

Easy to use

No waiting line, instantaneous, up to 400MB per message and up to 40GB of storage.


Your data is encrypted, your exchanges secured, your personal information protected (European Union standard GDPR 679/2016).


Did you know?

The Paris Court of Appeal, in a judgment of 17 June 2016 (15/01954) upheld the validity of the electronic registered mail notifications.

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