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Your three services
legal, instantaneous and free

to prove and store all your essentials.


Same legal value as a postal registered mail. The best answer on the market to the European Union standard eIDAS 910/2014 and the Council of State 2011/144 decree.


Send registered mails, sign contracts, deposit and transfer documents for free.


Easy to use

No waiting line, instantaneous, up to 400MB per shipment and up to 40GB of storage.


Your data is encrypted, your exchanges secured, your personal information protected (European Union standard GDPR 679/2016).

Simplicity & Ergonomics

Find your registered mails, contracts and essential documents on a single back-office accessible on all your screens. Our ambition: to revolutionize formal exchanges with a simple, comfortable and secure tool. You only need 3 clicks to send a registered mail or sign a contract.

Back office

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NOPAPERPOST: an alliance of engineers and lawyers teamed up to make law and new technologies work together in order to meet the modern needs.

Our business: digital trusted third party

Proving receipt of an electronic registered mail, signature of a contract or ownership of a document requires the use of a trusted third party. No one can give proof to himself. To deserve your trust, the third party must be totally independent, respectful of the transactions confidentiality and capable of deploying the most efficient systems to ensure data security.

Disclaimer & Code of ethics

The code of ethics is based on respect for the integrity of the environment, confidentiality of exchanges and the quality of service provided to our customers.

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General Terms and Conditions of Use

Take full measure of our commitment to quality universal e-mail service in registered mode.

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