It's the NOPAPERPOST certificate which is attached to your message in a printer-friendly PDF format. It is the electronic version of a paper receipt in the field of physical registered mail.

The NOPAPERPOST certificate becomes permanent (i.e. unlikely to be modified) when the recipient(s) of your Electronic Registered Mail have acknowledged receipt or, if not, 15 days after the day they received their first notification.

After 15 days, the NOPAPERPOST certificate states that the recipient has not read your Registered Electronic Mail. In this case, the certificate is legally enforceable.

78% on average. However, it is important that the subject of your NOPAPERPOST Electronic Registered Mail is properly worded so that the recipient can appreciate its real gist.

Yes absolutely because it meets the requirements of the Civil Code very precisely and carefully and conforming to the European eIDAS standard.

NOPAPERPOST (formerly THYBRIS) has been operating as a trusted digital third party since 2002, which is a guarantee for the long-term preservation of your information.
You can also download the PDF versions of your certificates.

Yes absolutely!
BASIC = 0 € = 3 services* : FREE
PREMIUM = 7€ (Tax incl.) / month = 3 services* + NOPAPERPOST keeps your Certificates permanently, gets rid of advertising, allows you to download your Certificates and offers you legal assistance.
*Electronic Registered Mail + Online Contract Signature + Electronic Document Deposit
[ multiple recipients, multiple signatories ]

Yes absolutely! You can send an unlimited number of Electronic Registered Mails, Online Contract Signature or Electronic Document Deposits.

Because the NOPAPERPOST (ex THYBRIS) Electronic Registered Mails service has been in existence since 2002 and those of the traditional players in the sector are more recent (2012). Because the price of traditional postal mail is very high without offering greater legal certainty. The NOPAPERPOST service is accessible beyond the French borders, without any additional cost or constraint.

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