Electronic Document Deposit

Prove the property and date to your documents and creations.

Understanding Electronic Document Deposit

Give a date to your administrative and contractual documents.

  • Sales: protect your know-how (excel, PDF, powerpoint...).
  • Inventors: protect your innovations.
  • Journalists: Protect your articles.
  • Writers: protect your manuscripts.
  • Photographers: protect your photos (JPEG, RAW...).
  • Musicians: protect your scores and tracks (AIF, WAV, MP3...).
  • Filmmakers: protect your movies (MOV, MP4, Premiere...).
  • Private use: your will, your thesis, your real estate titles...

The certificate of deposit

NOPAPERPOST provides you with a certificate of deposit for your documents that proves:

  • your property,
  • the date and time of deposit, which makes it possible to prove the precedence of your creation,
  • the integrity and content of your creation.
Certificate of deposit

See sample certificate in PDF format - Download sample certificate in PDF format



The same legal value as the filing at the INPI/EUIPO of a Soleau envelope, the filing at the SACD of a musical composition, the filing of a manuscript.


Submit documents for free.

Easy to use

No waiting line, instantaneous, up to 400MB per shipment and up to 40GB of storage.


Your data is encrypted, your exchanges secured, your personal information protected (European Union standard GDPR 679/2016).


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