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NOPAPERPOST: an alliance of engineers and lawyers teamed up to make law and new technologies work together in order to meet the modern needs.

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Company name: TINTORY SAS
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Customer References

In application of its Code of ethics and in order to respect the strictest confidentiality with regard to its users, NOPAPERPOST refrains in any circumstance from communicating on the identity of its customers including those, organizations or companies, which could have been used as references.

Code of ethics


With this code of ethics, adopted by its Board of Directors, NOPAPERPOST is committed to a set of principles guiding its conduct in order to guarantee and increase the confidence of its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and all its partners.

These principles of action and behaviour, to which our employees adhere, are based on respect for and integrity of the environment, confidentiality of exchanges and quality of service provided to our customers.

NOPAPERPOST is committed to respecting these principles and ensuring that they are respected regardless of the geographical context in which it operates.

It is through the exemplarity of our behaviour that we will consolidate our position as a trusted operator.

Louis Belcolore, President

Our commitment to confidentiality.

NOPAPERPOST refrains in any circumstance from revealing or communicating the name of its customers and the nature or content of their exchanges.

In particular, NOPAPERPOST is prohibited from opening, deleting, delaying or diverting incoming or outgoing correspondence addressed to third parties, or from taking cognizance of, intercepting, diverting, using, disclosing or installing devices designed to carry out such interceptions.

NOPAPERPOST does not collect any personal data without its user agreement, in particular during navigation on the site. NOPAPERPOST does not transfer the personal data of its users to third parties.

NOPAPERPOST undertakes to respect:

No information of any kind relating to the users and their communication may be transmitted by NOPAPERPOST to third parties or government authorities. The only exception is a request for information initiated by a Magistrate of the French Republic.

NOPAPERPOST services, fully developed and hosted in France, are not subject to the USA PATRIOT ACT and are not subject to the extraterritorial legislation of that State.

Our commitment to the environment

logo Environmental Charter

NOPAPERPOST's aims at providing its users with secure, instantaneous, unlimited and free communication services that contribute to the respect of the environment by:

  • Reducing the carbon footprint linked to the physical transport of physical mails and files;
  • Fighting angainst deforestation, in particular through the misuse of paper.

NOPAPERPOST complies with the Environmental Charter resulting from French Constitutional Act No. 2005 - 205 of 1 March 2005.

Our commitment to the quality of the service we provide to our clients.

NOPAPERPOST relies on the quality of its services and customer satisfaction. Keen to answer their needs and expectations, it constantly evaluates and improves its products, its ability to innovate and its processes. Our quality and innovation approach, serving our customers, is at the heart of our design and marketing. NOPAPERPOST takes the utmost account of IT security requirements by applying best practices and security by design to its system. We go beyond the legal and regulatory obligations to which it is subject.

Our commitment to our employees

We are confident in the integrity, initiative, responsibility and motivation of our employees. Our team reflects the diversity of cultures and skills. We make sure that an employee is able to report violations or fraud of which he or she is aware of, and that the appropriate handling of this report is carried out in compliance with the law.

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